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there was a mistake made. what was the mistake? >> you know, that's augustine's contention too, i'm in good company. >> you mean the saint? >> yes. yes. >> of hippo? >> yes, one of my favorites. this is something that greek-speaking christians were aware of as early as 150. >> what is the word in question? >> the word -- it's like the word for the parthenon because athena was a virgin goddess, the word is parthenos and that's the word that appears in greek of isaiah 7:14 but it's not the order in the original hebrew. >> what's the word? >> the hebrew text says ama. >> what does that translate to. >> it's the word for young girl which has its own greek word. >> what's the greek word. >> the greek word would be nianis. >> niansus is not parthenos. >> i have three daughters, we hope that young girls are virgins but it's not the same word. >> mary is not a parthenos. >> i don't know if she was or not but the text says -- >> how do you know the hebrew was mistranslated when put into greek. >> hebrew has word for virgin. it's tula and that's not what the hebrew text is. >> all right now, she is attacking
to be, you know, very important. the problem for george was this. while his father, augustine, did okay, george was the first-born son of the second marriage. and when augustine died when george was a little boy, augustine left almost everything to his sons from his first marriage because augustine had rotten marriage with his second wife. she was sort of a high maintenance, whiny -- everybody watch sign peld? remember george's mother? i've always thought if we did a movie about this, cast her as mary ball. long story short. and george had a strained relationship with his mother. so george grows up without his father, and he grows up basically milking cows, and he's uneducated and untraveled. and he longs to be this great man on the world stage, you know, a british officer and such. so washington basically tries to court older, wealthy women. and as a kid he shows up at homes of leading families in the tidewater region of virginia outside of washington in alexandria and such, basically, you know, knocking on the door with a broken-down mule and probably a hole in his trousers, and you c
29 puntos y gano 13 rebotes, d. j. augustin encestÓ 18 unidades, y los pacers de indiana vencieron anoche por 89-81 a los wizards en un partido muy complicados para los locales pero que lamentablemente incrementaron su mala racha en la presente temporada con solo 4 victorias y 26 derrotas. jordan crawford encestÓ 20 puntos por washington, que tiene marca de 1-14 como visitantes esta temporada. kevin seraphin anotÓ 16 unidades, el brasileÑo nenÉ totalizÓ 15 y bradley beal sumÓ 14 por los vamos a las novedades del enparrillado y es que a solo dias para el incio del playoffs de la nfl, ray lewis de 37 aÑos quien tiene 17 temporadas atemorizando a sus adversario como el lÍder indiscutible de los ravens de baltimore. ahora estÁ listo y ansioso de convertirse en un papÁ de tiempo completo. lewis anunciÓ que pondrÁ fin a su brillante carrera en la nfl, despuÉs de que los ravens completen su participaciÓn en la postemporada de 2013. el linebacker no ha jugado desde el 14 de octubre debido a una lesion e intentarÁ regresar a la cancha este domingo para enfrentar a los colts d
in the lottery. ridiculous. early on. all pacers. indiana off and rung. augustine. lance fredericksson throws it down. think he knows where the camera is. yes, sir. fourth quarter. more bad luck. down by nine. paul george to the hoop. he gets blocked. some how gets it to go. game high, 29. wizard did make it interesting. fall to the pacers. 89-81. wizards. [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios; it's about getting fios. that moment after you finally got it that you actually get it. when you see the difference 100% fiber optics makes, and you say "woah we are not on cable anymore." when online videos aren't herky jerky, you get it. or when a movie downloads in two minutes, you get it. last chance to get fios for just $79.99 a month for two years with a two-year agreement. plus $300 back. go to today call the verizon center for customers with disabilities for america's fastest, most reliable internet. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. verizon fios. >>> i'm jackie benson, live in adams morgan. a grim discovery. we told you a drinking at a bar with some people at about
. the man who sold several of the cases down in st. augustine, florida, which is one of the unsung stories of the period. and then he went over to mississippi. he was the model for inspector erskine, and the long-running fbi series. he was a no-nonsense copper. and like most fbi agents, they don't go in there with an envisioned to do political work, which means listening to your phones and planning propaganda and going around calling into people's private lives. they doing to solve cases. so you have a delicious or a painful conflict running in this era. you have the most spectacular political misuse of the fbi going on at the same time the fbi is trying to solve new kinds of crime and confronting the plan down in the south at the time when they were almost at will committing to these crimes all through this 63-65 period. so in the same institution, you have people who are becoming new kinds of heroes and old kind of corruption's inside the fbi. c-span: tell us more -- or give us kind of a profile on martin luther king. how tall was he? how old was he during this period? was he married? di
in north america -- st. augustine. it's where our rockets boldly launch into the final frontier. and if you prefer to boldly go a bit closer to earth, it's the nation's top destination for amusement parks. >> florida. >> florida. >> florida. >> like many state flags, florida features the state seal in the center. it used to be over a white background, but around 1900, the governor asked for the red cross to be added. he thought the mostly white flag suggested surrender. florida's flag honors the original residents -- the seminole indians. it also celebrates the abundant sunshine, shoreline, and greenery. not pictured here is the spanish influence on the state. >> of course, everyone knows that christopher columbus came to the new world with the support of queen isabella and the spanish, but what many people don't know is that ponce de leon came with him. he travelled to the new world in 1493, and he returned 20 years later in search of the fountain of youth. >> he didn't find the fountain of youth, but ponce de leon did give the spanish colony its name -- "la florida" -- in honor of the cou
to do with this. the st. augustine marching band just took over canal street. is this legal? is that okay? that is new orleans that. there sit right there. >> that is where it is most of the day. >> thank you. >> playing only five games, the warriors and rapters in canada. and both ply played well in this game. 12 points, eight rebounds and a slam. barriers get back, but seth curry tweaked that trouble some right ankle again. 24 quality minutes. two hands throwing it down. warriors win north of the border. and tiger woods captured the rain deal yied farmer's insurance open and tiger wins by four strokes cruising to victory that. is a wrap on a beautiful night in new orleans. more super bowl coverage coming up this evening. at 11:00. >> yeah. looks fantastic. >> thank you. >> before you go give us a chance whaft schedule looks like for the rest of the week. >> we're going to get serious tomorrow, needsa day. it's 5,000 reporters reporters intarming for an hour at a time. >> thank you. we'll see you then. >> join me tonight at 9:00, coming up then, fried foods and cancer. new
augustine did okay he was the firstborn son of a second marriage. when he died he left everything to his sons of the first marriage and had this horrible second marriage. on seinfeld the mother i always thought that would be the mother. george grows up without his father were the benefits of a powerful father says he is educated and longs to be a great man on the world stage. he tries to court the older and wealthy women. shows up in the tide water region basically knocking on the door with dave broken-down you'll and you can imagine slamming a the door in his face and would write poetry about this. he has a plan to marry the older wealthy woman. he met sally fairfax the story is split over the legitimacy. i believe they did fell -- feel strongly for one another. and sally was older than george perhaps the most beautiful woman of the area talkative wise, funny, a beautiful voice. george is a big ambitious teenager milking cows. you can imagine he is a surveyor for sally's great husband you can see she is leading court to but she becomes his mentor and invites him to some of the party's b
that norm augustine cheered in 2009 all reached the conclusion that commercial activity in the form of public-private partnerships is a key to space leadership at the aldridge commission in particular called for broadening the space community and restructuring nasa to interact with that community. it was the lead nasa could benefit directive from the expanded community as it attracted outside investment in its activities and use its people and facilities to enable progress on many space fronts. the larger network of people and industries with a direct tie to nasa has to be a part of its strategic plan. it begins with buying available services from nontraditional sources. it defaults to a nasa preparedness, opportunities for new funding for its programs and activities. we already know there's new companies have been great to provide services to nasa, and to pursue business beyond nasa. those companies should not be seen as rivals or detriment to nasa. they are instead the outgrowth of past nasa successes prepared to learn for what nasa has achieved and poised to grow the u.s. presenc
augustin ya of our minneapolis station wcco is watching the bill chill. mike, what's the latest? >> good morning. it's more complicated ice to south. it includes northern parts of kentucky and tennessee and later moving into north carolina and northern georgia and getting up to a quarter inch in some cases. that's prompting many school districts to can sell snow. the snow a bigger problem farther north. that includes washington, d.c., up to philly and in new york city. snow total-wise, this won't be a lot, but it's going to hit at a really bad time. up to an inch or so in downtown d.c. that would be the heaviest snowfall in about a year there. up toward philly in new york, light amounts and it should be in and out in a few hours. a messy drive. >> mike, thanks. there's praise this morning for the president's nominee to head the securities and exchange commission. former u.s. attorney mary jo white was picked by president obama yesterday. she was aggressive in convicting money launderers. >> you don't want to miss with mary jo. as one former chairman said she does not intimidate easily, a
to help. -- do to help? had to cut down trees to get there to st. augustine and over to hemphill. it's tough dealing with the consequences of a hurricane. people are hurt. buildings, homes destroy wesmed understand that. we wanted to help the victims of hurricane sandy. but what we didn't want to do, and what we hoped there would be plenty of responsibility in dealing with, was pork that was placed in this bill for emergency pumps -- purposes. it just seems a bit immoral that you would take advantage of the suffering of people during a hurricane to get one last big plug of money. i mean, it's also pretty discouraging to see that there's money being captured, taking advantage of the victims of a hurricane, to enrich and engorge themselves. there ought to be a law against it. but there isn't. because this chamber, led by the senate down the hall, is still putting pork in these bills. to go to things that have nothing to do with the hurricane. and they're not offset. we have no problem on both sides of the aisle helping victims who can't help themselves. but we ought to pay for it now.
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)